Price List

Implanon Insertion €120

Implanon Removal €70

24 Hour BP Monitor €100

Repeat Prescription €20

Vitamin B12 injection (per injection) €20

Drivers Licence Form €30

Joint Injection €120 (GMS €70)-after initial consultation

STI Screen €120 (GMS €70)- Hep B/C, HIV, Chlamydia/Gonorrhea

Ear Syringing €30 

Boostrix ( whooping cough vaccine ) €30

Medico-Legal Reports €450 

Travel Vaccines and Other Services- price available on request

GP Consultation €60 

Phone consultation €45 

GP Consultation (more than 1 patient ) €90

Follow-Up (within 7 days) €30

Short Form Completion €30

Long Form Completion €50

Blood Test €25  (Consultant Request Bloods €40)

Flu Vaccine €20

ECG €30

ECG& Doctor Consultation €90

Consultation & ECG & Bloods €100

Consultation & Swabs €80

Smear Test (outside Cervical Check Criteria) €150

Patient Information

Consultation Fees must be paid at time of visit. We accept cash, credit/debit card and cheque payments.

Receipts will be issued at time of visit only. Receipts will not be reissued or backdated.

24 hours notice is required for repeat prescriptions/ hospital prescriptions and repeat medical and social welfare certificates. Social welfare certificates will not be issued without a PPS/PRSI number.